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Dessert with Coconut

Pakistan Diabetic and Sugarfree products
in Birmingham, we deliver to all parts of the UK

Affordable Diabetic And Sugarfree Products
In Birmingham

Mushtaq Sweet Centre based in Birmingham provides affordable diabetic and sugarfree products to all its customers in the UK.
Order now, we offer free shipping for all orders above £180.
diabetic khoya berfi

Diabetic Products

gulab jamun

Diabetic Buffalo Milk Barfi

£15.00 per kg

Diabetic Gulab Jamun

£4.50 each box

sugar free date halwa
Diabetic Panjeeri

Sugar Free Date Halwa 

£5.00 per 250 grams

Diabetic Panjeeri

£8.00 per 500 grams

ellow and blue tiles on a wall

We deliver to all parts of the UK

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