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desi ghee-halwa puri

Pakistan Breakfast Meals and Savoury Dishes
in Birmingham

Savoury Meals To Start
Your Day

A new flavour to start your day, Mushtaq Sweet Centre provides Pakistan breakfast meals and savoury dishes.
Experience diverse flavours rich with spices and herbs. Don't miss out on our delicious breakfast meals in Birmingham. 
aloo paratha

 Breakfast Meals

desi ghee-halwa puri

Aloo Paratha

£3.00 each paratha

Desi Ghee-Halwa Puri 

£5.50 each portion

Additional Information:

Included: Halwa Puri portion included three puri, halwa and chana.

burger and buguett
shami kebab

Savoury Products

Burger & Baguette

£2.00 each burger and £3.50 each buguett

Additional Information:

Double Cheese Burger, Sheesh Kabab Buguett

Chicken Shami Kebab 

£0.70 each item

Chicken Sheesh Kebab 

£1.40 each item

Meat Sheesh Kebab

£1.50 each item 

chiken pakora
chiken spring roll

Chiken Pakora

£11.00 per kg

Chiken Spring Roll

£0.70 each spring roll

Pasties, Wrap Roll & Pratha Roll


Lamb katlama - £2.50 and 

Chicken katlama - £2.70

Cheese Onion Pasties


Chicken and Meat Pasties


Sheesh Kebab Pasties


Pratha Roll


vegetable samosa
samosa chat


Vegetable Samosa - £6.50 (10 in pkt)

Meat Samosa - £7.50 (10 in pkt)

Chicken Samosa -  £7.50 (10 in pkt)

Samosa Chat

Vegetable Samosa chat - £4.50

Meat Samosa chat - £5.00



Vegetable Pakora £7.00 per kg

Chicken Pakora £11 per kg

Seamless Japanese Wave Pattern

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delicious products!

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