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50 Years History Of Quality Products and Service

Here at Mushtaq Sweet Centre, we have been providing Asian sweets with great success since 1971.

We offer a variety of traditional sweet delicacies for all occasions. Choose from a wide variety of traditional Pakistani delicacies to complement your day. Whether you need sweets for graduation ceremonies, birthdays, new births or weddings, we have the finest and most authentic Pakistan sweets on hand. We are based in Birmingham but deliver to all parts of the UK.

Need help deciding what to order? Ask a member of our staff today.

Call or email to make an order

Call us at 0121 328 3837

For enquiry send your email to

and for orders send your email to

We accept online payments, visit our shop to collect your purchase or we can deliver them for your convenience.

Halwa Puri
Chicken Pakora

Our gourmet meals are perfect for  dining concessionaires

Diabetic Panjeeri
Hafiz Halwa

Perfectly crafted for an unforgettable tasty experience

Khoya Barfi
Milk Ghee

All products are made with fresh ingredients

Namak Pare

Freshly preserved products for takeaways or send as gifts

Free UK Delivery

Free deliveries all over the UK for orders above £180. Otherwise, we charge £20 for each order. For more details call us on 0121 328 3837.

Interested In A Franchise?

If you are interested in becoming a franchise, do not hesitate to contact us, give us a call at 0121 328 3837 or send us an email at for orders please send an email to 

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Customer Reviews

Fantastic Google Reviews

" Delicious freshly made food, the mithai is the best, wouldn't recommend any other place. The staff is helpful and polite. "

- Fizzy J.

Seamless Floral Pattern

We offer a wide range of Pakistan Sweets and Savoury Products

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